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What is Forex and the Hierarchy of trading?What is Forex?Foreign exchange trading (also known as foreign exchange, FX, or foreign currency exchange trading) refers to trading in many of the world's currencies. It is the largest market offering a large amount of liquidity to traders. More than $4.5 trillion is traded on the market every day. Compare that to the New York Stock Exchange, where $42 billion is traded per day, and you can see just how large this market is. Trades in the spot foreign exchange market are settled within two banking days. There is no central exchange like futures, and most trading is done electronically. The majority of controllers in this game are banks, hedge funds, and financial institutions. However, with the introduction of new rules and trading platforms on the Internet, almost anyone can now start trading currencies.Where is Forex Listed in Trading?There are many kinds of trading. As you know there are Crypto Currency Trading, Futures trading, spot trading, wallet exchange trading, Stock Exchange trading, etc. Among them, currency trading is also listed in the trading. Unlike other types of trading, currencies are traded in pairs. The main currency pairs in the foreign exchange market are the United States Dollar (USD), Japanese Yen (JPY), Swiss Franc (CHF), Australian Dollar (AUD), Canadian Dollar (CAD), British Pound (GBP), and Euro (EUR). According to the current situation US Dollar vs. Japanese Yen (USD/JPY) and Great Britain Pound vs. US Dollar (GBP/USD) are the most popular trading instruments.How Does Forex Work?When selecting a currency pair, the first currency is called the base currency, also known as the major currency and the second currency is called the quote currency also known as secondary currency. If you believe that the Great Britain Pound is stronger than the US Dollar, you will buy the base currency (Great Britain Pound) in the hope that the Great Britain Pound will appreciate, and if you want to get out of the trade you will sell the Great Britain Pound. If the rate is 1.28 GBP/USD, that means you get 1.28 US dollars for every 1 British pound. The main advantage of Forex trading is that you can profit from the rise and fall of the market. Downward (short) trades are allowed, as are upward (long) trades. As with any type of transaction, buying and selling currencies involves some degree of risk. Don't trade with funds you can't afford to lose. Never enter the market without a proper trading plan.Selecting a BrokerSelecting a broker is another very important part of Forex Trading. Because when we are doing forex trading, we have to invest our money into the forex Market via these brokers. When we are going to trade in the Forex Market, we have to use third-party brokers to deposit our money. Because we can’t trade directly in the market. That’s why we have to use a third-party broker for trading. There are some types of brokers, such as Dealing Desk Brokers, Market Maker Brokers, ECN Brokers, NDD Brokers, etc. As retail traders, each trader can use one of the above mentioned brokers for their trading according to your preferences.Why forex is safer than Crypto and Other Trading?Foreign exchange (FX) trading and crypto trading are two strong competitors in the rapidly changing financial markets that intrigue investors around the world. Although they have different qualities worth comparing, both are commonly chosen by traders and both offer potentially exciting trading opportunities. In this article, we don’t do exploring the world of crypto currencies and forex trading, highlighting the key differences, and weighing the benefits of each. Wondering if Forex is riskier than crypto currencies or not? We will discuss all of these facts one by one soon.Read this article to find out which one best suits your trading style, risk tolerance, and financial goals. No matter your level of experience, you have to learn first, then you can earn money from the Forex Market.At last, I highly recommend Forex is safer than Crypto trading. I am selecting forex over crypto because the term Forex always stands for Foreign Currency Exchange. So, there are two different countries at the two ends. According to this fact, you can identify that the Forex Market is mostly manipulated by these Countries' Economic, Political, and Geopolitical events. But, when we consider the crypto market, it is run by different kind of projects. Market volume will be decided by the success and the failures of the projects. So, it is bit difficult to get an idea about those projects.Is Forex better than the Stock Exchange?Throughout this article, we mentioned that Forex trading is a journey for life. But we should select the most accurate decisions at the right time. Unfortunately, we have limited resources to learn about stocks. When we consider forex and the Stock Exchange, We have many resources to learn about Forex and there are limited resources to learn about Stocks. Stocks are limited to each country, while the Forex market is open to the entire world. According to the above facts, it is easy to select Forex over stock exchange trading.Will Forex Trading last forever?Forex Trading is not only an opportunity, but also it creates many job opportunities for people. According to this fact, we can think that the forex market will be safe for the future and it will be last in the future. But we cannot think that every broker will last forever. Sometimes, these brokers will be down and they do some scams. The most recent incident is that there are too many prop firms, which provide you funds to trade in their accounts. Once you purchase one of them, sometimes these funded programs will disappear. This incident happened many times in the last few months. Also, some well-known brokers abounded their services to the clients with clients' money. This is one of the majority risks while we are trading.Can Forex Make You Rich?Can you get rich with forex trading? Our instinctive response to this question is a resounding "no," but we need to qualify this answer. If you're a well-funded hedge funder or a forex trader with extraordinary experience, you can get rich trading forex. However, for the average retail trader, Forex trading is not an easy path to riches, but can be a steep path to huge losses and potential hardship.So, throughout this article, you can take an idea about “What is Forex and how it is executed”. Also, you can stay tuned for further articles from our website.
What is Fundamental Analysis in Forex?
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What is Fundamental Analysis in Forex?Understanding of Forex Fundamental Analysis“What is Fundamental Analysis in Forex?” This is the topic that we are going to learn about in this article. As you know, this is a series of Articles. In our First article, “What is forex and the Hierarchy of the trading?” ( ) . And you can learn the following topics soon.1. What is Forex and the Hierarchy of the Trading? ( )2. Fundamental analysis3. Technical Analysis4. Money management5. Fundamental analysis of compound interestFundamental AnalysisA foreign currency exchange fundamental analysis strategy consists of studying a country's economic factors to predict the future value of its currency. According to the facts, this includes but is not limited to, economic conditions, monetary policy, etc.Fundamental analysis focuses on the study of the economic, social, and political factors that determine supply and demand. Important indicators include interest rates, inflation, and unemployment. Political decisions are also important.Why Fundamental Analysis is important for Traders?Fundamental analysis can prevent investors from making hasty decisions that may not be profitable in the long run. This method also helps in identifying start-ups and start-ups that have the potential to grow and generate good returns over the long term. Also, learning about the fundamental analysis will help you to increase your psychological decision while you are trading.Simply, fundamental analysis mainly depends on Economic events. However, these economic events affect the foreign exchange market, other businesses, and financials. So, having a piece of proper knowledge about these facts will keep you secure while you are trading.FX SAM Economic CalendarIn our website ( ), we are providing you the most reliable economic calendar. You can use ( ) real time news update such as Economical events, Geopolitical events, and etc. So, as we mentioned earlier, fundamental events will affect your psychology. We, ( ) provide you the best economic events forecast for you before each majority news.Below are some of the most important fundamental analysis indicators and their definitions. For more information on these metrics and how they are used, please visit ( )FOMC MeetingsThe Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) is the division of the Federal Reserve Board responsible for monetary policy. The FOMC consists of a Board of Directors and the Governor of the Reserve Bank. The FOMC's job is to conduct open market operations, including buying and selling government securities, to influence the supply of available money. For example, the FOMC reduces the supply of money available in the market by selling government bonds in the market. This is also known as a “shortage” in the money supply. FOMC operations have a direct impact on interest rates.Given the important role of the FOMC, traders pay close attention to her FOMC meetings and their statements. Normally, this event is planned to be conducted eight times a year. Also, if needed more than eight times, meetings will be conducted at the necessary times.Producer Price Index - PPIA set of indices that measure the average change over time in the selling prices received by producers of goods and services within a country. Producer Price Index or PPI measures price changes from the seller's perspectiveConsumer Price Index - CPIA measure of changes in the prices of consumer goods and services such as gasoline, groceries, and automobiles. Sometimes called "overall inflation."Gross Domestic Product - GDPThe monetary value of all finished goods and services produced within a national border during a given period. However, GDP is usually calculated on an annual basis. This includes all private and public consumption, government spending, investment, and exports less imports that occur within a defined region.When trading with fundamental analysis trading systems, it is important to pay attention to financial news. Financial news can be found on our website ( Analysis As you can see, this is very important, but it is also important to integrate other techniques into your trading strategy. If you would like to learn more about trading and basic to advance learning about Forex trading, such as technical analysis and money management, check out the other articles in this series.

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